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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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3PR School Parking Initiative 

The South Essex Parking Partnership have recently developed an exciting new initiative called 3PR (3 Parking Rules) to help tackle some of the parking problems outside of schools and to actively engage with the school community including the local residents, to promote a good working relationship and to understand the needs of everyone. The main aim is to influence parking behaviours so that healthier lifestyles are developed and the road immediately outside the school is clearer and safer for all users.
Children will be key in providing the support and promotion of this new scheme by taking part in some of 3PR’s exciting parking initiatives and learning activities.
Barnes Farm Schools have created a 3PR Zone outside of their schools on Henniker Gate, drivers will be advised to not to park in the zone. The schools have recruited 3PR Patrols (children at the schools) to stand at the exits/entrances to the schools and issue 3PR Tokens to children who have Walked, Scooted or Cycled into the zone. The tokens will be collected by classes and the winning class will receive the 3PR Trophy as well as an additional class reward each month.

We are launching this initiative on Tuesday 17th October from 8:30am onwards outside both schools. The information leaflet and booklet enclosed give you more details on the 3PR scheme. City councillors, governors and the local press will be attending the launch.
On Tuesday 17th October and for the rest of that week, there will be daily morning ‘parking patrols’ involving pupils and staff. They will hand out tokens to anyone walking into the highlighted yellow zone outside of school. Tokens will also be handed out to all children walking into the school from the Infant ‘southern’ gate.
After half-term the patrols will take place once or twice a week, first on specified days then unspecified. 
To encourage the use of alternate methods of travel, Asda Superstore in Chelmer Village have kindly allowed parents the use of their car park. This has allowed the school to create a Park and Stride initiative – parking your car and walking the remainder of the way! Special tokens will be handed out to any parents using the Park and Stride initiative by a special parking patrol outreach team on the edge of the Asda car park. These tokens are worth more than the standard tokens. If you are interested in using the Park and Stride scheme please sign up in the school office and collect your parking sticker (if you have children in both the Infant and Junior school you only need to sign up in one school).
For more information please see the enclosed booklets, visit our school website or the parking partnership website