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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Art and design at Branes Farm Infant school

In Art we explore different tool and materials. We learn how to use tools and materials safely and effectively.

We use our imagination, skills and knowledge to create masterpieces, using different colours and materials and discussing which we like the best.

We learn about famous artists and use our knowledge to create our own versions of their work.

We evaluate our artwork by thinking about what went well and what we could do even better next time.

We are able to look at and enjoys other people’s art work, both by famous artists and others in our school.


How we teach Expressive Art and Design in Reception

and Art in Key Stage 1

What we aim to achieve through our curriculum? What schemes we follow and why?

Children who enjoy art and appreciate artist work, their own work and the work of their peers.

Children who have a secure skills basis in order to continue their art journey in KS2.

Children who are able to talk about and evaluate their own work and that of others.

We follow the skills progression/ curriculum map (on website) alongside the national curriculum- this allows us to cater to the needs of our own children and topic based curriculum, while ensuring a clear skill progression in line with the national curriculum.

How our Art Curriculum is delivered at BFIS... 

Topic based linked with current work in other subjects.

Skills taught explicitly in lessons through topic linked projects.

Artists linked to the skill and topic and studied and art work is appreciated and talked about.

What difference is our Art Curriculum making?  What assessments we use? How we track progress...

Children are able to gain the skills they need to work with different materials and tools- this also impacts their writing, and fine and gross motor abilities.

Children are given a foundation of skills that allows them to progress into the juniors.

Children improve their communication and language, thinking, questioning and evaluating skills thought studying and evaluating their own and others artwork.

Art is assessed based on teacher judgments placed on target tracker each term.

Ways We Celebrate Art at BFIS...

Walking galleries in classes

Displays around the school

Open evening