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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Challenge Me Cards

Challenge Me

Thank you for supporting Mathematics at home.

By following our four challenges, it will really help your child become confident in their Mathematical journey.

Please encourage your child to believe they can succeed, one small step at a time. When encountering difficulties, encourage the view that challenges and mistakes are how we learn, they are really important!

Use the word ’yet’!  If they say they ‘can’t do it’ add the word ‘yet’ on the end, because with effort and time they will achieve!

Once your child is confident to be checked, they can hand their card to their LSA who will test them. If all areas within the challenge have been completed correctly they will earn Golden Time squares.

When they have completed all four challenges they will receive a special sticker to reward the fact they have a ‘Growth Mindset’ and should be very proud of their achievement.

They will then be encouraged to use this new knowledge and apply in everyday problem-solving activities in order to fully ‘master’ this understanding, rather than moving onto another Challenge Me card.

Thank you.