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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

Building Futures, Inspiring Success


At Barnes Farm Infant School EYFS, we are passionate about every child reaching their potential. The children that come to our school are eager to learn. We develop relationships with other children and adults and through a rich inquiry based environment, encourage the children to ask questions about their learning therefore deepening their understanding of the world around them. 

Development Matters, Birth to 5 Matters and the four key principles of learning underpin our Mantle of the Expert curriculum. 

All of the children play a part in the ownership of the curriculum, challenging themselves and others and make links to maths and literacy skills through problem solving, discussion, designing and evaluation.

Our children become resilient, confident and independent as learners. 

We are very proud of Badger, Fox and Rabbit classes. Our safeguarding systems are rigorous and as a team we work hard to ensure that the children in our care are safe and feel happy every day. 


Early Years Reception Overview

What we aim to achieve through our EYFS curriculum? 

Through the Mantle of the Expert curriculum we are developing confident, resilient and empathic children. They are inquisitive and hungry to learn more. They can work in teams, ask questions and apply skills knowledge to different areas of the curriculum.

The timetable is balanced with focus activities and adult led interventions. Discreet phonics, maths mastery and a broad bespoke curriculum is taught in order to ensure that our high expectations are achieved and that all our children reach their potential ready for Year One. 

How our EYFS Curriculum is delivered...

Our strong EYFS team have written an effective curriculum which ensure that all aspects of Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters are taught progressively with sound assessment systems to ensure that no child is left behind. 

The curriculum is taught through the Mantle of the Expert philosophy. We cover six topics each year. The primary focus is the children's language acquisition and development. This is built into a Skills and Knowledge Curriculum underpinned by the New Early Years Framework 2021. 


What difference is our EYFS curriculum making?  What assessments we use? How we track progress...

This curriculum makes our children more confident to ask questions, to speak to an audience, to solve problems and to work in a team.

Mantle of the Expert also has an impact on our language development and reading and writing skills. It also encourages our children to explore the wider world around them.

Assessment and progress is tracked through rigorous assessments. Children are then supported by all adults in our team to ensure that they reach their full potential. 

We continue to achieve good standards in our Early Years ensuring that our children are ready for the next stage in their learning journey in Year One. 

How we make sure that our EYFS Curriculum meets the needs of all Learners...

Children’s needs are identified at Baseline. Close links with Nurseries and discussions held with the SENCO and her team ensure that children with additional needs receive as much support as possible on their entry to school. Parents and children are welcomed in to our school with rigorous transition meetings. Extra support is offered and targets are set early for anyone with additional needs. Our curriculum is inclusive and all children take part in all experiences. Specific groups are set up to allow all to access our curriculum.

All children are included in Mantle of the Expert. The language is rich and high expectations of conversational language is key.

Talk and communication is the key and vulnerable groups are involved in Time to Talk sessions to ensure that they have grasped the skills and knowledge needed for their future learning. 

Children who are More able or exceeding expectations are engaged in high level language and asked to take on key roles in teams. They are challenged in their reading and in their writing activities in the classroom.

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