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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

Building Futures, Inspiring Success

Forest School - February 2020

W/C 24th February - Pancake Day!

It was an exciting week at Forest School as the children were able to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The children had a brilliant time eating pancakes around the fire. Brooke made her own wonderful muddy pancakes in the mud kitchen.

We were extremely impressed by the children's knowledge of hibernation which was this weeks theme. Many of the children decided to make a home for their woodland animals to hibernate in, like this badger.

We have also enjoyed laying in the hammock reading stories about woodland animals. 

Many of the children went on successful bug hunts, especially finding worms. 

"We've found worms, we are taking care of them, we've given them grass to eat.

We will take them back home where we found them so they don't miss their families".


There was a great deal of mud painting happening this week.                                     "I'm doing the decorating while the kids are at school".

It was good to see the children enjoying playing in the trees again after last weeks wind prevented them from going near them. There was some super climbing and excellent team work den building.




W/C 10th February - A wild and windy week at Forest School!


This week in Forest School, Year One have been learning about nature. They have made some amazing creations from clay and natural materials, it's wonderful to see the different and imaginative ideas they all have.

It was too windy for some of the sessions to take place in the trees but this didn't stop the children having a great time.

Stanley decided to make a brilliant face in the grass using sticks (see below).

Jenson said "We are working in teams, one team is collecting worms, the other is making a worm village".


There was some fantastic potion making in the mud kitchen.

"We are witches making potions of bubbling soul sweets