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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Forest School Fun!

Each week we will update this page with news of our exciting Forest School activities and share lots of photos so that you can see what we have been learning.


Reception - wc 26.04.21

Reception had a fantastic first week at Forest School. They started off with a tour of the site and we talked about how to stay safe and all the fun activities they could participate in, the children also had the opportunity to decide their Forest School names and make a nature bracelet.






Kian had fun in the mud kitchen, he told us "I'm going to find buried treasure". While Emily was busy making porridge "We need to make a lot of it to serve everyone" and Halle was also busy cooking she was making pancake mix.


Camron told us he was on a bug hunt  "I'm going to catch that bug!".


Izzy was enjoying exploring nature "I've found a pine cone" great find Izzy!




Ivy A had a great time climbing the trees "I look like a koala, they eat eucalyptus"  - thank you for that interesting fact Ivy!

Louie told us "it feels good to climb". 

Maanas told us this was his first time climbing a tree "I'm finding a thick branch" very safe well done Maanas!

Finn and Mia were busy making potions "we're putting stones in it makes a big splosh" Mia said "I'm going to add petals". Darcey and Kenny were making mud pies and soup and Julie told us "I'm making coffee". Emma enjoyed painting the trees "this is cool".

Ezra said "we're making a camouflage den" - great word to use Ezra!




Leonard had an excellent time in the mud kitchen he was searching for a treasure chest "We are getting water to make the mud non-hard" - great idea Leonard, it's much easier to dig when the mud is soft and wet.

Stevie loved the den building "This is the best game ever!" fantastic skills Stevie!


Samuel told us "I'm relaxed in the hammock".


Albie said "I love climbing trees, it's easy"


Esmae made a beautiful rabbit made from clay and sticks.


Well done Reception, we hope you enjoyed your first week at Forest School, see you next week!


Year 1 wc 12.04.21

Hedgehog Class

Squirrel Class

Otter Class





Year 1 -  Easter Forest School 

Easter Egg Hunt

It has been a busy week at Forest School. All the children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, finding mini eggs hidden in the trees. 

Tool time! 

There was also the opportunity to use a palm drill. This week the children made a bird feeders by drilling a hole in an apple, finding a stick for the bird to perch on, knotting some string through the apple and lastly pushing sunflower seeds in the apple for the birds to eat. They all looked brilliant and so different. 


Otter Class 

Remi said “I loved the Easter egg hunt because I got to eat it”. 

Teddy was busy on a bug hunt finding lots of worms and slugs he told us “do you know worms live in the dirt”. 

Michael, Harry and Kristian made an amazing den “we’re going to give it a floor and everyone has to take off their shoes when they come in”. 

Abigail was a great tree climber and told us “I like finding bugs the best”. 

Hallie asked a good question about the bird feeders “do you think the squirrels will eat it?” We will have to wait to find out! Leah, Dexter and Isabelle made some lovely bird feeders. 

Squirrel Class

James was busy collecting sticks for his campfire “I’m going to cook something on it now”. 

George told us “I like making things”  Kaleb said “me too” whilst making their bird feeders. 

Rebecca found loads of eggs, great observation Rebecca! 

Hedgehog Class

Jimi had a great attitude when his friends were trying to tie knots “if you can’t do it you don’t give up you keep trying”. 

The children had a chance to make things from clay, Nil made a lovely apple. 

Lucas was busy in the mud kitchen making paint to decorate. 

Zac told us he was busy at work building houses. 



Year 1 - WC 15.03.2021

First week back at Forest School 


It has been an awesome week back at Forest School; all the children were so excited to get back into nature, climb trees, go on bug hunts, build dens and play in the mud. It was fantastic to hear the children’s imagination run wild and the squeals of delight from finding mini beasts and to observe their inquisitive minds in action. 

Studies have shown Forest School helps develop children's confidence and self-esteem through overcoming challenges. They also have the opportunity to learn to solve problems and be creative and imaginative. 

This week all the children chose their Forest School name and had a chance to make a Forest School necklace as well as all the usual activities. We had a recap of all the safety rules then the children were free to make their own choices. 


Otter Class 

Hallie and Chloe went straight to the mud kitchen and started making mud pancakes for everyone. Romeo, Grace, Zayaan and Kristian made some lovely mud soup. 

There was some amazing team work and problem-solving skills demonstrated by Alfie, James, Adam and Samuel whilst building dens. 

It was great to see the children back in the trees; Mason told us he was scared at first but he tried and now he loves climbing trees and even showed Sophie how to do it, well done Mason! Easton "I'm tired a little bit; I'm going to rest in the tree". Harley had amazing tree climbing skills and confidently climbed high "This is so much fun!" he said. In the trees Grace said "I wish I could stay here all day". 

Harry and Tharunika found worm "It feels kinda soft" and then they found a woodlouse "I found a bug in a ball" said Harry. 

Lyanna found a daisy and we talked about signs of spring. Lyanna told me all about the different colours you can see in the daisy and the stem has tiny hairs on it, excellent observation Lyanna! 

Squirrel Class 

Martha and Isabelle went on a bug hunt and found a beetle and then made necklaces for their family. Jack found a green caterpillar and Amelie found a ladybird, well spotted you two! 

Anna imagined she was riding horses in the trees. Louie said "I'm really high, I'm a monkey". Jenson told me "I'm a koala in a tree... now I'm a slough" as he flipped upside down. Mila "I'm a monkey". 

Orla was busy in the mud kitchen making pasta. Jake was also busy digging a crater for a volcano "I found flint when I was digging" Jessie was busy digging a hole. 

Katerina, Phoebe and Marta made a home from the den equipment, excellent team work girls! 

Hedgehog Class  

Reggie and Darcy were the mini beast champions they found ants, spiders, woodlice and a slug which Darcy said was "disgusting" which made us laugh. Reggie told me "I like spiders because they eat all the nasty gnats", excellent knowledge Reggie! Edie said "Me and Erin are working together, she's got the magnifying glass and I've got the pot". 

Sienna and Scarlett found lots of worms and slugs "it's wiggling on me"... "I found a slug he's slimier than the worm". 

Jimi was up the trees like a flash "I like climbing high in the trees because I want to be like a bird". Harry, George, Freddie, Emily, Lucca, Holly and Jack loved climbing high in the trees too. 

Faris was having a good time in the mud kitchen decorating the trees with mud and making chocolate cake with Ellie. Isabelle told us "We made something and it's tasty to eat.... I've got to get back to my cooking now". Oakley said "We're having a tea party". 

"Forest School is Awesome" Annabel. 

Oakley "My favourite thing about Forest School is getting my hands muddy and making a big den". 

Erin "I had the best journey at Forest school because I can go in the hammock, go in the trees, find insects and make a necklace". 

See you next week for the Easter egg hunt! 







Week Commencing 07.12.2020 - Year 2



Year 2 have had a wonderful last week at Forest School. They all got to enjoy smores and singing carols around the camp fire.


Tawny Owl


Olivia and Kimberly "We've made a rope swing can you check it's safe?" WOW! your rope swing is amazing girls, sadly not quite strong enough for people but the woodland animals might like it!



Bamise loves the mud kitchen "We've made a worm sticking potion".  Ronnie, Ethan and Jenson were busy on a bug hunt, they are excellent at finding worms.

Annalise "I love singing around the camp fire".



Barn Owl

Leo, Kaden and Krish were busy making mud cakes. Lacey enjoyed reading the bug book "Look how many legs this bug has!" it's amazing a millipede has 180 pairs of legs.

Whilst making a beautiful decoration, John told us "I love all the fun activities at Forest School".

Teddy made a very comfy looking bed using all the den building materials and hammered pegs into the ground to make sure it wouldn't blow away, very sensible Teddy, great idea!

Around the fire we discussed what 3 things a fire needs, Poppy impressed us all by telling us "fire needs oxygen". When singing carols around the fire, Isla said "I love singing in Forest School".



Snowy Owl

Oliver and Kyle "This stick looks like a bow and arrow", would you like some string for that? "Yes please". George "It looks like a cross bow". The boys started a trend; Joseph and Harris made some brilliant bows too, it's incredible the fun you can have with a stick and a bit of imagination. Well done boys!

Chams, Sofia and Paola loved the crafts table and made loads of beautiful decorations and Renee made a lovely lady reindeer.

Around the fire, "I can hear the fire crackling" said Renee. When we put the fire out with water we talked about what the white stuff was "it's steam and smoke" great observation George!



We hope year two have enjoyed their 4 weeks at Forest school and we look forward to seeing them again in 2021


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




Week Commencing 30.11.2020 - Year 2


This week Christmas has come early, the children have had a fantastic time making Christmas decorations. As always the children we free to choose what they wanted and the extra activity this week was making Christmas crafts. Practically all the children choose to make something, we were so impressed by their creative skills. It was a joy to see their happy, proud faces when they had made their beautiful decorations. It melted our hearts when they told us who they'd like to give them to.

Tawny Owl

We were very happy to see that Brooke brought in her own pine cone to decorate, she made it look so beautiful and Christmassy. Snowmen and Santas were popular in Tawny Owl.  

The children loved to see some of the teachers get involved and making Christmas crafts too.


Barn Owl

Sophia painted a lovely pine cone she found in the school field, it looked gorgeous.

Rebecca showed us her hidden talent "Do you know I can make a pigeon sound?" it was AMAZING! We thought there was a real pigeon in the field! Vanshika and Ayat were very proud to announce "we've found a bird's nest", great find girls! 

Barn Owls loved playing with the woodland animals: Sophia, Isla and Zoe "made a home from leaves, pine cones and sticks for our animals". Olivia had a great time playing with her pet squirrel.  Joey "This is Nannies house where my rabbit lives in the tree".

Whilst chilling out in the hammock Teddy said "my favourite thing is laying in the hammock watching the sun shining and the leaves falling", what a wonderful mindful and relaxing experience, thank you for sharing that with us.

Freddie "Me and Krish are making a camp fire", it looked fab!


Snowy Owl

Snowy Owls all made beautiful Christmas decorations.

Neriah was the only one who made a "snowlady" we loved her long eyelashes.

Sofia "I like being creative".

Amelia thought she couldn't tie a knot in her string but she tried and did it perfectly, well done Amelia!

Olly made a fantastic original Christmas decoration of the North Pole and the northern star, it looked great!

Archie "I love Forest School!" Why?  "I love playing with friends, climbing trees and doing crafts". That's wonderful hear Archie we are pleased you enjoy it!

See you next week for the camp fire 🙂



Week Commencing 23.11.2020 - Year 2



This week's theme was hibernation. The children were very happy with the return of the woodland animals, we discussed what they were and where they lived. The children made some fantastic dens and nests for their animals. Zoe said "I''m going to make a home for my fox, I'm going to use leaves so it's comfortable for him to sleep in". Amelia told me "We're going to make a nest and pine cones will be the eggs". Oliver made a wonderful badger bed with leaves and sticks and Leo showed me his amazing hammock bed he made for his animals.





At the end of each session we talk about what we'd like to do next week, last week Teddy asked to do some more climbing so this week we put up a rope course. All the children loved it! and it's a great way to practice balancing.



There was some brilliant team work from the girls in Tawny Owl. Evie, Isla, Thalia and Sophia made "an animal shelter, like a hotel for animals, somewhere for them to hibernate".

Lucy said "Look at mine and Olly's den, we've used a log so it doesn't blow away", great team work Olly and Lucy!

We were also impressed with the team work from Annalise, Poppy, Mia, Freya and Gracie, they also made an excellent den.





The mud kitchen is always popular.  Thalia "I'm making a mud pie". Whilst painting the trees with mud Evie told me she was "having a mud glittery party, decorating at super speed". Brooke loves the mud kitchen making mud pancakes is her favourite thing to do.





Although reading isn't really part of Forest School because Forest School is child led, we do leave some books related to nature out in case children fancy a read; which invariably they do. This week Sophia V read a story to her pet fox.  Olivia told me "I'm going to read Superworm to my squirrel".  



Jodie "I love climbing because you can go really high". Freddy "I'm a slough hanging in the tree". Sofia "I love climbing trees it reminds me of a safari".


The children love playing with the clay, this week lots of them used clay to make a nest. Bamise had a great idea "I'm using a stick as a rolling pin". Kimberley made a lovely snowman from clay. Olivia made a lovely icecream from clay; it looked delicious! Khadija made a snow man eating a banana, which made us laugh.



It was great fun playing in the leaves this week. Ruby said "see my magical powers" and threw a bunch of leaves in the air. Snowy Owl class had great fun playing in the leaves, we could barely find Esosa.





IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! for the next two weeks we will be making Christmas crafts using natural materials, so if you're on a woody walk this weekend make sure you collect some pine cones or anything else from nature that you want to use for your Christmas decoration and bring it to Forest School. See you next week 🙂




Week Commencing 16.11.2020 - Year 2




Contrary to popular belief conkers are allowed in school so this week we’ve gone conkers! The children learned what a conker was and where it comes from, more importantly how to play conkers, Sam from Tawny Owl was a clear champion.




The children were very skilled at using a palm drill.



Everyone learnt the importance of wearing safety gloves when using tools and how to be safe. Poppy made a beautiful conker caterpillar and there were some lovely bracelets and necklaces.

Forest School gives children the opportunity to explore their own ideas; with staff just there to facilitate. A wonderful example of this was when Harvey decided he wanted to make a wrestler made of conkers. Although his wrestler was an original creative idea Harvey was quick to tell the group “I got inspiration from Georgi’s caterpillar”.



In Forest school the children are given the freedom to choose what they want to do; all the usual activities were popular such as the mud kitchen, tree climbing, bug hunts, chilling out in the hammock and den building. The children loved playing ‘Cut The Cake’ and it was a brilliant way to warm up when it was a bit chilly.

Teddy “We’ve made a mud soup”

Kaden “I’m making an animal bath”

Log circle time is a great time for the children to reflect on what they have achieved; it was so nice to hear the children praising their friends.

More photos will be uploaded to your children's Tapestry Journal :)