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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Fox Class - EYFS


“As you can see, the island is surrounded by the sea. To get to it we will need to go through the fog and the storms that hide it from the rest of the world. The ride can be very bumpy. You night notice the tall mountain in the centre of the island, some might say might be a volcano. I think it might be helpful if we knew where this is on our map.

Well Experts.....what are your thoughts? 

What a busy week in Class! This week we have been travelling safely to the mystery island. We have travelled across shark infested waters and had strategies in place to protect ourselves. We had a shark decoy team on red alert in case we were in danger. We have made maps and compasses to help us navigate correctly.  We thought about other animals that live in the sea and whether it was a good idea for us to use the cannons to get the sharks. Would it be fair?  During learning choices, the children worked together to design and build boats out of different materials. They then had fun using their boats within their play. Next week we will be exploring the mystery island in our expert teams.

Maths News

In Maths this week, we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have been using cubes and pictures to take away and find out how many we have left. We got to choose our chilli challenge for our learning task, deciding whether we wanted to try the mild, hot or red hot challenge.

How do we solve this hot chill task?


Next week we will be learning the names of 3D shapes. We will be exploring Mastery Maths again and asking...Shapes are all around us and they have a name. How many do you know?

Literacy News

This week we have had a reading focus. We have been using books to answer ‘how’ questions. Next week we will be talking about the characters and plot within a story.

Our phonic sounds this week were: ar, or and ur. Next week we will be focusing on: ai, ee, igh

Every Monday morning is now handwriting in class. We will be writing the words that we have set for homework and practising the letter formation together. Every Friday morning is now a Big Writing session. We will be choosing a part of our topic that we have been exploring and writing a sentence together.



This week the children will be practising writing the words pool and quiz .The writing format has changed to be in line with the presentation in books in school. Please do not let your child form a letter incorrectly. Do ask them to rewrite a letter for more practise as this will ensure that mistakes are addressed quickly.

Also you can support by reading their books every night and practising their maths challenges. Please make sure that your children bring their challenge cards to school.

Fox Class information

Our language of the term is German.  Please research this at home so your child can come to school speaking German impressing us all!  Danks dir                                               


PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure your child has shorts, a t-shirt jogging bottoms,  a jumper and trainers in their PE bags.

Homework day is Friday and must be returned on the following Wednesday

Please read every night with your child we really want to be the class with the most reads

Please find the Curriculum Overview attached at the bottom of this page.