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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Understanding the World - Early Years Reception

Geography – Key Stage 1


What we aim to achieve through our curriculum?  The schemes we follow and why?  

* We aim to develop all Learners curiosity and a fascination about the world and its people.

* Children who can engage in a process of enquiry based learning, giving them transferable skills such as observation, measurement, reading and presentation that they can take forward into Key Stage 2.

* We follow National curriculum aims and objectives, BFI curriculum map   Children’s interest and high engagement.

* Practical activities are relevant to children’s interests.

* Development of geographical skills- development of geographical vocabulary

How our Geography Curriculum is delivered...

* Topic themed and cross curricular  

* Mantle of the expert

* Blocks of topic work across a term.

What difference is our Geography Curriculum making?  What assessments we use? How we track progress...

Progress is tracked using Teacher Assessment grids, book looks and pupil voice

Ways We Celebrate Geography...

* Links to Eco School activities

* Assemblies

*  ‘Learn a Language’ taster session.

How our Geography Curriculum meets the needs of all Learners...

* Practical activities to interest and motivate. 

* Clear expectations for what children will record ie. Number of sentences, photos, scribing.

* Pre-teaching of vocabulary.

* Extended questioning, research challenges.

During this year, children have learnt lots of skills through exciting Geography lessons.  In Reception, children learn through the EYFS curriculum which covers 'Understanding the World'.  In the Spring Term, the children have been on a journey through Storyland to meet Mummy Pig.  They drew a map to show how they would get to Mummy Pig's house and talked about what landmarks they might see on the way.  The children were encouraged to use a compass to help them find their way to Mummy Pig's house!  The children have also entered Dinosaur Island and discovered dinosaur fossils, they drew a map of Dinosaur Island using their imagination.

In Key Stage 1,  the children observe seasonal changes in weather throughout the year. In Year 2, the children use thermometers to read the temperature outside and learn about hot and cold areas in the world. 

Within the Spring Term, Year 1 made rain gauges to observe and record how much rain had fallen.  During the Spring Term, Year 1 children have been reading the story 'Katie in Scotland' they learnt about where Scotland is on a map and made Scottish flags.  The children found out about traditional clothes Scottish people may wear eg kilts and traditional Scottish foods, they created fact files and posters to display the information they found.