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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Hedgehog Class - Year 1

Castles topic - Spring 2

Our new topic transports us back in time to the medieval times to discover the world of castles, Kings and Queens and Knights in shining armour.  We will learn what life was like to live in and around a castle for servants, cooks, maids and townspeople.  Children will learn the different parts of the castle such as the moat, turrets, keep and gatehouse and will work together to build a class castle either out of cardboard or modroc.  

Our planned trip to Mountfitchet Castle will provide our Year 1's with real life experience of daily life in a castle and will springboard much of our subsequent child-led learning.

Toy Story - Spring term

To infinity and beyond......  our children are loving our Toy Story topic.  Visual literacy in the form of clips from Toy Story 2 have ignited the children' s imaginations in creative writing, art, science and history so far this term.  We have learnt to improve our sketching skills as we have drawn the characters from this much loved film and explored materials and their properties by feeling toys and thinking about the materials used to make them.

Our new Big Cats reading scheme has been warmly received by our Year 1 children who are happy to keep their books for longer; they are feeling more confident with their reading as the week passes. The books are perfectly matched to the children's phonic knowledge, which therefore builds up their phonic skills. 

Polite reminder - please make sure all outdoor PE kits are in school as we are still going outside for PE and the weather has recently turned cold.  Every child must have a warm tracksuit and trainers (that fit!) Thank you

Travelling around the UK

This term we have been learning all about where we live and the United Kingdom.  Through the stories of Katie, the children have explored England's capital city of London and discovered it's many landmarks.  The whole year group 'travelled' to Scotland and even learnt how to drive coach Carol's Coaches.  

In our classrooms, we felt Haggis, practised Scottish dancing and learnt about Scottish landmarks.  We also enjoyed marching with 'bagpipes'.  

Apologies for the late attachment of our Take-Away-Homework for this term.  It is attached below so please have a go at a few of the homeworks and encourage your child to bring in their work.

Alien words

You will have noticed in your child's spelling book they are learning what we call 'alien' words which are made up words that can be blended and help with phonic skills. Each word includes at least 1 of the 40 graphemes we expect Year 1 children to learn and by blending these words, phonic skills are strengthened and embedded.  For more information on the teaching of 'alien' words please click on the link below or speak to one of the Year 1 teachers.

The pseudo words (or nonsense words) are collections of letters which follow the phonics rules your child has been taught. They are clearly labelled as nonsense words with a picture of an alien next to them so that the children don’t try to ‘read’ it as a real word by using prediction. The children need to decode and read these using the correct phonics sounds to show that they understand the phonics rules.

Our Take Away homework is attached at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to Autumn 2!

Hello and welcome back. We hope you and the children all had a rest and enjoyable half term.

This week, the children have been continuing to learn and represent numbers to 20. They have been comparing three numbers and ordering them from smallest to greatest. 

In English, the children have been using adjectives to describe fireworks, sequencing events from the story of Guy Fawkes and writing common exception words in sentences after lots of speed spells. That was great fun!

Our topic this week has been about Guy Fawkes and the history around the event. The children have been learning who King James 1st was and why Guy Fawkes disagreed with him. They have been learning what items Guy Fawkes would have used, such as a lantern, and what items he wouldn't have used, such as a smartphone.

The spellings this week are clip, clop, stop, clap, trim, was and do. These will be in the children's spelling books. The homework book is Problem Solving 1 page 23. 

What's new?

Year 1 have continued to explore shapes and patterns, and have moved into using language of position, direction and movement. Within our mathematics meetings, the children have been singing lots of songs about the days of the week, months of the year and doubling. 

Percy the Park Keeper made a return this week to see the children. He was overwhelmed with all the work the Junior Park Keepers had done for him. 

The children have all made a home for a salt dough hedgehog this week. They went outside to collect leaves and grass to glue onto the shelter. These will be on display in school for all the other children and visitors to see. 

The spellings this week are spring, spread, string, splash, scrunch, were. These will be in the children's spelling books. The homework book is Problem Solving 1 pages 20 and 28. 

What's new?

This week has been great fun in Mathematics with the children exploring 2D and 3D shapes. The mathematical language they are using is phenomenal. The children are all understanding and using words such as vertex, vertices as well as the correct names for the shapes. 

In English, the children have been helping Percy again. Percy was told by the parish council that he needs to get more visitors to the park or his job would be a risk. The children decided to make animal fact sheets to display in hope that more visitors come to the park.  


What's new?

The children this week have been learning lots in Mathematics around addition and subtraction. They are all beginning to show they are little maths wizards and are starting to understand fact families. 

In English, the children have been leaning to write facts about some of the animals they have seen in Percy's park. Combining their learning with Science, they have been classifying animals into mammals, birds and fish; and what makes that classification unique.

The spellings this week are it, was, you, on, is, for. These will be in the children's spelling books. The homework book is Problem Solving 1 page 11. 


What's new?

The children have been busy exploring Percy's shed using their senses and imagination to see the naughty ferrets had stolen Percy's tools. They have enjoyed being outside and seeing what tools they could find and were looking to find Percy's lunch he left there a week ago. 

In mathematics, the children have been moving forwards with addition equations up to 10. They have used concrete manipulatives and making up stories to help with their understanding of combining 2 sets. 

All 3 classes have started making shoebox gardens. We are very thankful of the craft bits and pieces that have been brought in from home for the children to use, so thank you for your generosity. We will be aiming to finish these next week, so there is still some time for shoeboxes to come in. They all look fantastic so far.

The spellings this week are and, a, to, said, in, of. These will be in the children's spelling books. The homework book is Grammar 1 page 5. The children will need to put the words in the correct order and leave a finger space between each word. 


Percy in a Pickle


On an autumnal walk around the school, we stumbled across Percy the Park keeper who was in a terrible pickle!  He had tripped over a log and hurt his leg.  Poor Percy was unable to walk and worried that he wasn't going to be able to do all of the jobs he needed to do around the park that day so we offered our help.  Back in our classrooms, we decided to help Percy feed the animals (we had an inventor even designing a handy animal feeding machine to save time as it was programmed to drop food at certain times of the day) and ways to water the plants.  Lots of us drew maps of Percy's park and even tried to draw it from a birds eye viewpoint - trees looked like brocolli heads!

Percy's shoebox garden

Over the next few weeks the children are designing their own park in a shoebox.  We have discussed ideas in class and looked on Pintrest for 'shoebox gardens' and were amazed at how you can make fences out of lollypop sticks and ponds with sunken yoghurt pots with stones around the edge.  Your child will come home with their design and a list of things they might want to bring in from home to use in their gardens.


Autumn Term  Week 2

What a busy week! In our first full week back Hedgehog Class have been working hard to get used to all the new things that happen in Year 1. In Mathematics we have been investigating numbers to 10 and finding all the number bonds to make 5, 6, 7 and 8. The children have been using a wide variety of equipment, objects and pictures to experience this in many different ways. We have been using our daily quick fire Maths Meetings to learn the days of the week and months of the year using songs.

On Tuesday we were very excited to meet Percy the Park Keeper! Unfortunately, he had had an accident whilst working in his park and had hurt his leg. We offered to help him and are now thinking of all the jobs we will have to do as junior park keepers! The children are very excited about the idea of looking after the animals.

Welcome to Year 1 2019

It was lovely to welcome the new Hedgehogs into their class today! There were lots of smiles and some beautiful manners which was fabulous. This week we are focussing on getting to know each other and remembering all our school expectations and routines. Next week will see us starting our first topic based around Percy the Park Keeper books. If you have any questions or concerns, please have a word with me on the door so I can help.  




What's new?

Welcome back to the final half term of Year 1! We hope you all had a fantastic break and are refreshed for the upcoming half term. 

We have started off by stepping into the Mantle of the Expert which is based around woodland and forests. 

Our topic this half term is plants and will see the children learning all about flowering plants. 

The home learning this week will be in the spelling book on page 26. The spelling will go home as usual on Friday.


What's new?

We have started our new Mantle of the Expert topic which sees the children as Fairy Tale Problem Solvers. The children have met The 3 Little Pigs mummy and The Big Bad Wolf. We hope the children enjoy talking about their learning of this at home.

The home learning this week will be in the spelling book on page 17. The spellings will go home as usual on Friday.

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a new term. We all hope you and the children had a relaxing Easter holiday. We are all refreshed and ready to get straight into the exciting learning we have to offer this term.  

The home learning this week will be in the problem solving book and on pages 16 and 21. The spellings will go home as usual on Friday.

Thank you.

What's new?

Monday 1st April saw Year 1 on their trip to Mountfitchet Castle and the Toy Museum. We were really fortunate with the weather and the children were perfectly behaved. They saw first hand what life was like inside a Norman Castle and were able to touch, smell, hear and see how villagers and noblemen lived everyday. The children were able to try on helmets, lift up swords, hear stories about what jobs villagers did and climb up various towers to see the castle grounds and beyond. The children were using the vocabulary that they had learnt in class to talk about the castle features. 

After the castle, the children had time in the Toy Museum. They were able to see toys from eras gone by and see the evolution of toys through the ages. Children were recognising toys that we had seen during our toys topic and were commenting on the materials, colours and designs. 

A huge thank you to the parent helpers that came along. It was a wonderful day and the children made us all very proud. 

Home Learning for the Easter Holidays.

We will not be setting any homework for the holidays but please ensure your child keeps reading and practising their phonics sounds using the sound mat that was sent home. If you need another copy of this, please speak to the class teacher. 

Enjoy the Easter Break!

World Book Day

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. It was amazing to see all the excited faces in their lovely costumes. The children in Year 1 enjoyed lots of story telling including making up their own stories. Hedgehog class were very excited that we had two competition winners announced on Friday! 

Home Learning 8th March 2019

Maths Page 12

If you were unable to attend the Phonics Workshop this week please look at our school website under the Workshop Tab. You will find lots of interesting information and ideas to support your child. 

Please use the phonics sheet that you will find in your child's book bag.

Many thanks for your continued support. 

Welcome back after half term. Our new topic is Magical and Mystical.


This week`s homework is Spelling book page 11. Please hand in on Wednesday next week. Thank you.

Old Bear Tales

We have been reading the Old Bear stories and then retelling them in our Big Write. The children have loved getting to know the characters - crazy Little Bear, kind Branwell Brown and friendly Jolly Tall. Now we have started a short Mantle of the Expert as we have become party planners, helping Old Bear plan a birthday party for Little Bear. Our expert teams have been busy writing letters and invitations, alongside designing cakes and picking out balloon colours! All very exciting!

Our Class Assembly

The children presented their class assembly on our topic to the school and then to all the parents and carers. They all did very well using a toy shop setting to demonstrate that they are Maths Wizards with recognising coins. They also shared their riddles and Wanted posters for lost toys using some super adjectives. They all recited a poem and joined in with a song at the end. Well done Hedgehog Class - you were all amazing!  



Toy Story Fun!

We have been using visual literacy this term to inspire our writing. The children have been loving watching clips from Toy Story and describing the characters using adjectives. The children excelled themselves retelling a clip of the film as story with a beginning, middle and end. In Maths we have continued to add and subtract in many different ways. In our topic work we have been looking at toys from the past and comparing them to toys now and thinking about what materials they are made from. 

Welcome to 2019!

A warm welcome back to all the children after Christmas! We hope you all enjoyed the break. Hedgehog class are all very excited to be starting our new topic Toys. This week the children brought in their toys so we could set up our Toy Shop. The children are enjoying writing riddles about their toys and exploring coins using the Toy Shop. 





Welcome to Year 1.

It was so lovely to see the children returning after the holiday full of enthusiasm and ready to learn.

This half term our topic is, ‘Percy’s in a Pickle.’ We started our topic by finding Percy on the floor having fallen in a hole and hurt his leg. We asked him what was wrong and how could help him. Percy was worried he would not be able to do his jobs in the park.

We decided we would help him and be Junior Park Keepers.  Year 1 now need to decide how we can support poor Percy.