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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Learn a Language

At Barnes Farm Infant School, we have a number of children whose first language is not English.

To help us to find out more about one another, our languages and cultures and give us all the opportunity to speak to more people and therefore make more friends we have decided to introduce 'Learn a Language' based on the fantastic resource shared by Newbury Park School -  Language of the Month.

Each term, each year group will introduce a new language.  Some of these reflect the languages that are spoken by children in our School.

These are the languages we will focus on in each Year Group...




Year 1

Year 2














We will learn some words and phrases, and find out about the country and or history from one of our most spoken languages.  

We use the Newbury Park Primary School website to support the teaching of the language of the month. Click here to visit their website.

From here, you will be able to watch video clips of children speaking some basic words in the language of your choice.

There are many reasons why we should know about one another’s languages, including the following:

  • To give bilingual children the opportunity to demonstrate the language skills they bring to school.

  • To broaden the horizons of monolingual English speakers.

  • To show respect for other languages and cultures.

  • To give parents an opportunity to be actively involved in their children’s learning

Have fun discovering new words and phrases and learning about our languages from around the world with your child/ren!