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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

Building Futures, Inspiring Success

Meet Our Staff

Please find listed below our Barnes Farm Infant School staff:

Teaching Staff

Mrs Farmer - Headteacher

Mrs Robinson - Assistant Headteacher and SENCO

Mrs Merrick - Assistant Headteacher and Barn Owl Class Teacher (Year 2)

Mrs Bentham - EYFS Lead and Badger Class Teacher (Reception)

Miss Dick and Mrs Shelsher - Rabbit Class Teachers (Reception)

Miss Thomas - Hedgehog Class Teacher (Year 1) and Key Stage 1 Lead

Miss Radley - Otter Class Teacher (Year 1)

Mrs Gilbey and Miss Rout (Key Stage 1 Lead) - Squirrel Class Teachers (Year 1)

Mrs White - Snowy Owl Class Teacher (Year 2)

Mr Gwynn - Tawny Owl Class Teacher (Year 2)

Mrs Day - Class Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Sandiford - Office Manager

Mr Meldon - Site Manager

Mrs Mason - Office Staff

Mrs Jukes - Office Staff

Mrs Salvo - Office Staff

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Webb  - Family and Wellbeing Mentor

Mrs Rodgers - HLTA/MDA Lead

Mrs Holden - Speech and Language Lead LSA

Mrs Oakes - Social Skills Lead LSA

Miss Parry - LSA/MDA

Mrs Kucharska - LSA

Mrs Obi - LSA

Mrs Gooday - LSA

Mrs Bardell - LSA

Miss Suckling  - LSA

Mrs Berrisford - LSA

Miss Surridge - LSA/MDA

Miss Weedon - LSA

Miss Clark - LSA/MDA

Mrs Zahid - LSA

Ms Sawer - LSA

Miss Williams - LSA/MDA

Mrs Napper - LSA

Mrs Dickson - MDA

Ms Nash - MDA

Mrs Pedrick - MDA

Mrs Crush - MDA





Early Birds & Night Owls

Mrs Patel - Early Birds and Night Owls Assistant

Mr White - Early Birds Assistant and Night Owls Assistant

Ms Coxon - Early Birds and Night Owls Assistant

Ms Stacey - Early Birds Assistant

Miss Bentley - Night Owls Assistant

Ms Al-Zalek - Night Owls Assistant