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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

Building Futures, Inspiring Success

Parent and Carer Survey Feedback

Parent and Carer Survey – Spring 2020

Our Spring 2020 Parent and Carer Survey asked our parents and carers what we do particularly well. Here are some of their responses:

  • Care for the children, teach them in a good basic way. Give them ground rules and a sense of belonging.

  • I like being able to speak to the teacher at the classroom door. I like that Mrs Farmer is on the playground at drop off/ pick up. This enables any small concerns to be raised without any fuss. Both my children have started using the capes of success vocabulary at home when playing, it’s great that these traits are identified and encouraged.

  • The Success capes and also mantle learning is excellent plus keep having meeting and keeping the parents in the loop

  • UNDERSTANDING and approachable staff. The school is also fantastic at keeping parents up to date.

  • Value the children as individuals and promote a creative curriculum that meets every child's needs.

  • Care about the children

  • Providing a happy, safe environment that my son loves coming to. He also loves learning and has had great teachers.

  • Communication between parents and school.

  • The relationship between my child and the staff that teach her is really fantastic. She feels confident in being able to speak to them and had a lovely friendly relationship with them

  • Communication

  • Good leadership, good communication, approachable staff, fun learning, constantly working to improve

  • My son is very happy at Barnes Farm. The environment is caring and nurturing. He is happy to attend and the progress in his learning has been great.

  • My daughter absolutely loves coming to school. The teachers are kind and personalise the learning for the children. My daughter is well supported in school.


Parent and Carer Survey - Summer 2018 

Our Summer 2018 Parent and Carer Survey asked our parents and carers what we do particularly well. Here are some of their responses:

  • A creative curriculum. Open door policy. Wide range of clubs. Good communication via newsletter.

  • Barnes Farm Infant School welcomed my daughter midway through reception. She really enjoys going to school and has a good attitude towards learning. She is soon to go into Year 2 and I feel she will continue to improve. The teachers do a great job.

  • It’s only been our first year at the infants, we have had an amazing first teacher whose enthusiasm and support has been above and beyond. (We will miss her!) So far I would say Early years is a wonderful environment for a child’s first year at Barnes Farm.

  • Teachers are very caring and encouraging. The reception team have been brilliant this year and my son has loved the Mantle of the Expert learning they have all done.

  • Making subjects fun and interactive. SENCo support.

  • The school feels equally there for the parents as it is for the children. My son chose this school on his own and I was thrilled with his choice. He couldn't have attended a better school.

  • You have given my child lots more confident this year and have encouraged the things that she is good at

  • Create a safe happy learning environment

  • Take an interest in each child individually

  • Lovely, approachable staff

  • As well as learning I believe the children’s happiness and well being is higher up on the list than anything else and this school makes my child feel safe and excited to go, with caring teachers a solid start to their education is had here


In February 2017 we asked parents for comments about our school, and this is what they said...

  • 'My son loves coming to school'.

  • 'My daughter loves going to school and looks forward to every Monday morning which tells me she is happy to be there and eager to learn'.

  • 'I think everything is very good! My child is very happy to learn new things'.

  • 'Happy with all the services from our school. Thank you'.

  • 'As a parent I am happy with the school and my child’s progress. All information we receive is excellent and necessary'.

  • 'Feel teachers and assistants make a huge effort which I really appreciate- so thank you for nurturing our children as your own'.

  • 'We are really pleased with the school'.

  • 'My son is extremely happy and is doing extremely well'.

  • 'Very happy with our school and find all the staff very happy, supportive and welcoming, thank you'.

  • 'My child is incredibly happy at school and in his words he says 'he has lots of fun and enjoys learning'. This to me is so important, so thank you for that'.