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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Snowy Owl - Year 2

Autumn 2

Week 2 

We were very excited to have a visit from Florence Nightingale. We watched and listened as she wrote a letter to her family just before she began her journey to Turkey. We were very keen to ask how she and her team of nurses were feeling as they prepared to leave Great Britain. We then acted as if we were the soldiers or nurses at Scutari hospital. We had to debate whether Florence Nightingale and her team of nurses should be allowed to nurse the wounded soldiers. We are looking forward to the next chapter ...

Week 1

A very warm welcome back. We have continued our Victorian topic by learning about the life of Florence Nightingale. The children have asked some very interesting questions and begun to learn many interesting facts.

Week 7

I was so proud of all the children during our school trip to Braintree museum. The children were so interested in looking at all the artefacts. They learnt many facts during the Victorian lesson and the teacher was certainly very strict!

I would like to wish everybody a relaxing half term. 

Week 6

We have been learning about school life in Victorian times this week. We have looked at classroom artefacts such as slates and inkwells and have been comparing our classroom with a Victorian one. Our visit to the Braintree museum is fast approaching and we are looking forward to dressing up as Victorian children and experiencing a real life lesson!

Week 5

What a very busy week. We have been learning an Autumn poem this week and performing it to our friends. We then performed it to the whole school during our Harvest Festival. I was so proud of all the children. This week in Mathematics we have been learning to add and subtract multiples of 10, thinking about what patterns we notice. We are now looking forward to finding out what life was like in a Victorian school next week. 

Week 4

We have continued to read Oliver Twist and have started to predict how the story might end. We thought about the different characters and why they might behave as they did. In Mathematics we have been counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s using number lines and a variety of resources. 

Week 3

This week we have been reading the story of Oliver Twist. We used drama to think about how life in a workhouse felt for the children in Victorian times. We were able to think of many exciting adjectives to describe the main characters of the story. We thought about their appearance and personality using our senses. In our History lessons we compared our own lives with those children.

Well done Snowy Owl Class.

Week 2

We have continued to learn the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. We have thought of and written lots of interesting questions that we could ask the main characters. In Mathematics this week we have been comparing numbers and using lots of new vocabulary. In History we have been fascinated to find out about Queen Victoria and produced very detailed portraits in our Art lesson. In PE we have been making the most of the sunshine and developing our ball skills. Phew, what a busy week!

Week 1

We have had a very busy week and are now settled back into school life. This week we have enjoyed acting out the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. We were able to use our loud voices and used amazing expressions. I was so proud of all of them. In Mathematics this week we have been learning to partition numbers into tens and ones and use a blank number line. We are looking forward to continue our topic next week. 


Welcome to Year 2 2019

I hope you all had a lovely restful and relaxing summer. It was so lovely to see so many smiley faces come through the door this morning eager to catch up with their friends. We have had a busy day and had lots of fun. This week we will be focusing on classroom routines and getting to know each other. I am looking forward to an amazing year teaching such a lovely class. 







Our wonderful children have really shown us their understanding this week in their SATS tests.  We are incredibly proud of all our Year 2's who have shown determination, a 'can-do' attitude and a willingness to do their best.  Our last paper is on Thursday so keep it up children.





This week we have been learning about unit and non-unit fractions in maths.  Our maths lessons are buzzing with enthusiastic children wanting to CONVINCE, PLAY, PERSUADE AND NOTICE as they explore fractions of number, shapes and amounts.  Our 'Mastery' mathematical language is really proving successful as our children are able to explain their thought processes to their friends and investigate number more thoroughly.  

We are enjoying our Traction Man stories especially when our superhero rescues Scrubbing Brush from a disaster.  Our artwork has been interesting as we look into the technique of Pointilism.


Welcome back after Half term

Image result for traction man

This half term our topic is Traction Man.  We will follow the adventures of this mini superhero as he encounters epic challenges to test his resilience and determination.  Our science work is based on Living and Non-Living things and our art work will see us study the works of Roy Lichtenstein who draws and paints using the techniques of small dots of colour to create effect (Pointilism). 

Our art work will lead us into our Mantle of the Expert project in which we will set up a small art gallery for our friends.  Decisions will have to made as to what artwork we display, how we will advertise the gallery around the school and different teams will produce information leaflets and maps to help guide our visitors.

We will find out about the continents and oceans around the world in our Geography topic as we follow Traction Man's travels around the globe.

Image result for roy lichtenstein  Image result for roy lichtenstein

 Image result for traction man           Image result for continents and oceans ks1

Home learning

  1. Maths -  page 21
  2. Spelling - page 13
  3. Read every night and practise spellings





Snowy Owl class have loved listening to and creating poetry based around the Iron Man's scrapyard lunch.  Together we generated noun phrases such as: ....rusty, old bike and added a quantity of for example:  A handful of broken padlocks,  A dollop of smelly oil.  This is our class poem, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did composing it.

The Scrapyard Lunch

A mouthful of twisted Police car

A slice of greasy, black stove


A bowlful of delicious nuts and bolts

A handful of abandoned helicopters


A slurp of oily chains

A packet of ancient toy robots (he popped them in his mouth like jelly babies)



Snowy Owl children were fascinated in their Science lesson when they learnt how glass was made from sand.  It changes state from a solid to a liquid when it is hot and then moulded to form a jug.  The children watched in awe as the glass blower blew the liquid glass into the shape of a jug and then formed a handle with extra liquid.  This links in beautifully with our work on Materials and their properties where we are learning how some materials can change when heated or cooled.  



The Iron Man eats his scrapyard lunch

Once the Iron Man has finished eating up the farmer's tractors and combine harvesters, he is invited to eat in the scrapyard where he finds a whole range of metal delicacies to enjoy such as rusty old tyres, broken refrigerators, cogs and nuts.  

This week in English we have been looking closely at what the Iron Man likes to eat and likening it to our food e.g. he slurps the rusty old chain like spaghetti and he pops the copper door knobs into his mouth like popcorn.

We are beginning a new block of maths this week as we learn about Statistics which will see the children collecting, representing and analysing simple bar charts and pictograms. 

In Art this week we are continuing to perfect our drawing and shading skills as we create images of the Iron Man using chalks, pencils and paints.

Home learning

We expect our children to read at least 4 times a week, please ensure your child shares their reading books at home and a comment is written in the reading diary.  This week's home learning is p16 English and p31 Maths.

Weekly maths challenge

Welcome back Snowy Owls

It was wonderful to see so many happy faces returning to Snowy Owl class this week; full of exciting tales of Christmas and New Year.  

We jumped into our topic on Monday with the surprise arrival of some mysterious body parts on the field behind the demountabe classrooms.  To our astonishment, we discovered a great iron Head, arm, leg and eye and out of the corner of our eyes we noticed smoke in the sky so we thought it was a rocket speeding away after dropping an iron robot onto our school field! 

Where did he come from?

Nobody knows.

Who is he?

Nobody knows.

Home learning

We expect our children to read at least 4 times a week, please ensure your child shares their reading books at home and a comment is written in the reading diary.  This week's home learning is page 11 English and p6 Maths

Weekly maths challenge

Can you make up your own equal groups?  Find 5 ways to show 4 groups of 2.

Christmas celebrations

Wow! our Singing around the Christmas tree was a real treat for all those involved.  Our singing was fantastic (so said the Deputy Mayor of Chelmsford) as we sang songs such as Hosanna Rock, Silent night, Away in a manger and our finale was to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  


In class we read the story Osbert the penguin who arrived on Christmas morning after a little boy asked for a Penguin from Santa.  Little did he know that a real penguin was to arrive who wanted ice cold baths, sardines for breakfast and preferred to stay outside in the snow.  We thought about asking Santa for 'real' gifts and imagined what it would be like on Christmas morning with real toys, pets and robot.


Victorian Museum

We had a wonderful time at the Braintree Victorian Museum.  It really was like stepping back in time as we pretended to be Victorian School children in a real Victorian schoolroom.  The children recited the 5 times tables, sang the National Anthem and practised the formation of letters on slates with chalk.  Walking around the museum was incredibly interesting as we found artefacts from the past and laid next to a metal air raid cage where families would huddle together to keep themselves safe during the bombing.  We had a super time!













Writing traditional stories

Snowy Owls have been learning how to structure a traditional story by looking at the features of stories. We read lots of different stories such as The Elves and the Shoemaker and found lots of similarities in many stories.  Traditional stories are structured with a..

  • Setting - where the story is set e.g. a jungle, a wintery wonderland
  • Characters who make us want to find out more about them.
  • Actions - what the characters do in the story to move the story on.
  • Dilemmas - problems e.g. a quest to find treasure.
  • Endings - how the dilemma gets resolved or not!

We wrote some fantastic stories which we then edited and improved using our purple polishing pens to make sure our spellings and ideas were clear for the reader.  When asked, we were very proud of our story writing skills and thought we had learnt more about how to write a story.


Happy Half term everyone....











Welcome to Snowy Owls 2018.  

We have got an exciting year ahead full of inspiring topics and interesting learning which kicks off with our study of the young Queen Victoria.  We will transport ourselves back in time to the Victorian times where we will find out about Victoria and her reign, Victorian childhood and famous Victorian inventors such as Brunel.

Reading at home

Please ensure you are reading at home every night with your child this term and remember to write in the reading diary.

Home learning

Each week children will be asked to complete a Maths and English/Spelling homework in their new activity books.  Please make sure your child only completes the given pages each week.

Homework set on Friday 21st September - Maths pg. 8 English/spelling pg.4  Spellings - the long 'a' sound.