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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Snowy Owls​ - Year 2



Fun at Forest School

Forest School has been great fun over the last few weeks as we have enjoyed learning outside in the sunshine.  we began our session hunting for fragrant leaves such as lime, mint, lavender and sage and putting them into a 'potion'.  The children mixed the leaves with mud, twigs and stones to create their very own creations.   Climbing trees, constructing shelters and creating natural art work have all been fun activities which have seen the Snowy Owls work together to build up their team work skills and independence.                                             


























Rainforest Explorers

Our new topic sees us travelling through the Amazonian Rainforest with a young tree feller who intends to chop down the beautiful Kapok Tree.  As he slumbers by the giant tree he falls asleep.  Rainforest creatures such as 'a troupe of monkeys', 'a toucan, macaw and a cock-of-the-rock bird whisper in his ear to explain to him why the tree is so sacred and not be chopped down.  We have learnt how important trees are in our ever-changing world and enjoyed some passionate discussions about conservation of the Rainforests.  


We are learning how to plan and write a chronological text about a Rainforest animals so to start with we have learnt a text all about Jaguars.  This is a method of teaching called Talk for Writing which exposes children to high-quality texts to begin with before they go on to write their own.  The children learn the text through actions and symbols which are then written down as a text map displayed in class.  See below.  Once the children are familiar with the structure of a non-chronological text they then go on to research their own animal and imitate the features in their writing.  Watch this space!

Drama and samba dancing

As part of our 'talk for writing' unit we re-enacted the scene from the book and imagined we were the Rainforest animals whispering to the young man to try and change his mind about chopping down the Great Kapok Tree.

We are loving learning how to samba!  Our moves have improved week on week and we now can move to the beat with more rhythm, do the samba shuffle and turn in partners.  It's so much fun!



Learning about fractions

We have been learning about fractions.  This is what we have learnt so far...

"I didn't know there were eighths" Jessica

"Two halves make a whole" Ellie

"I didn't know you can get so many fractions" Ethan

"I learnt about tenths today" Karter

"Some fractions are big and some are small" Maisie

"I didn't know you can make ninths" Nayan

" I learnt that you add 'th' to a number to make it a fraction" Lois

"I learnt that if you cut a pizza into 5 slices it makes fifths" Violet

"I didn't know there are sixteenths" Emilia

"2 quarters is the same as a half" Lilli

"3 sixths make a half" Harry


Stop-frame animations

This week we have been working on creating our Iron Man stop-frame animations in groups.  It was great fun learning how to hold the camera steady in order to take a clear photo of our picture.  We had to make sure the whole frame was taken up with the image (without having any carpet seen) and every time we took another shot we moved the Iron Man slightly.  As a team, we made decisions and worked well to pose different possiblilities. Next week we will copy and paste our photos into a powerpoint presentation and set the transitions to a speed which will make the pictures appear as if they are moving.  




Fab team work!





Science visitor

A science teacher from New Hall School came to visit us to teach us all about Physics.  He showed us how to make a pin-hole camera out of tubes, foil and a light source.  

The arrival of the Iron Man

We are hooked into the book - The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  Since the arrival of the Iron giant in the playground we have been learning how to use descriptive phrases and words to describe this unique character.  We have written some really inventive instructions to trap the Iron Man which have demonstrated how much we are loving this fantastic book

Word of the week - absurd

This term.....

Snowy Owls are exploring the wonderful world of Heroes and Villains through their English and Geography work.  The Iron Man will be introduced as a mysterious arrival of body parts in the playground for the children to imagine where these pieces of metal body have come from.  Using the rich text from the well-known book by Ted Hughes, children will recreate scenes as we progress through the story with Hogarth (the little boy who discovers the Iron Man and befriends him).  Creative writing will focus on character descriptions in which pupils will develop their use of descriptive language and use writing devices such as similies and onomatopoeic words.

In geography, we will be exploring the world continents and oceans by considering where the Iron Man may have travelled.  We will be finding out about different climates by exploring hot and cold places around the world as well as measuring the daily temperature of our climate.

In PE, the children will be listening to music inspired by machines and robots such as The Iron Foundry by Mosolov and learning to move to the music by creating different body shapes and dance sequences.  

We are hugely looking forward to our Design and Technology morning on Tuesday 23rd January in which we will be creating giant Iron Men and pneumatic Space-Bat-Angel-Dragons out of balloons and tubing.