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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Supporting Children's Wellbeing during School Closure

A note for our children... 

In the last few weeks, our lives have changed a lot.  We were in school with our friends and suddenly, we were all asked to stay at home. 

At the moment, there is a lot of worry around because of Covid19.  Having some worry can be really good because it keeps us safe, but when we have lots of worry, it can make us feel bad and make it hard for us to manage our feelings.

This is normal and you are not alone. 

If you are feeling worried or scared, you may find it helpful to try some of the activities on this page.  We will continue to update this page regularly with new activities.

Don't forget, you can still use the Zones of Regulation to help to manage your feelings at home.

Stay safe and have fun!


A note for our parent/carers...

We appreciate that this is a difficult time for all and we will continue to do our very best to support our families.  If you need support or advice, please contact the BFIS Wellbeing Phone on 07850 903896. You may also find some of the below acitivities helpful.

Useful advice and resources...


Family Well-being Dairy - please find the pdf below.


When we are happy and relaxed, our body works fine.  But when our brain thinks we are in danger, it sends messages all over our body to get ready to run away from the danger , fight and be ready to meet the danger or freeze, which means we get stuck to the spot.  This is a good thing when we want to hide! 

Watch the clip ‘Flight, Fright, Freeze’, to find out more.



When we feel uncomfortable, we usually try to find things that make us feel better.   You may have tried some of these in class already.






Take a deep breath in, hold it while you count to 5 with your fingers then tilt head up to blow it out of your blowhole. You can also put your hands up on top of your head to create the blow hole to “blow” out.



Arms start at the side of your body; arms go up as you breathe in and go down as you breathe out (arms make a rainbow).



* How many things can you see which are square, circles or rectangles etc..?





* How many things can you see which are blue, green or brown..?

* Think of a word to match every letter of the alphabet. Here are some example categories, but you might have others you can think of:

Types of animals

Things you like to eat