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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Through our VIPERS sessions, we aim for children to increase in confidence when applying their comprehension skills when reading. Our intent is to increase reading skills across the Key stage.

VIPERS consists of 6 different focus areas. These being:


V- Vocabulary

I - Infer

P – Predict

E – Explain

R- Retrieve

S- Sequence


In year 2, children will have a weekly focus on a text type. Each day a focus area will be chosen. The children will be posed with a question that complements that comprehension skill. Over the week all the focus areas of VIPERS will be covered. This is recorded in the children’s reading journal.

Year 1 follow a similar format. They focus on three key areas of VIPERS in preparation for year 2. The children are posed with focus questions and share their answers through a class discussion for some of the sessions and begin to record their answers in their reading journal in preparation for Year 2. 

Both year groups share a range of genres with the children to ensure they are exposed to different text types.