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Barnes Farm Infant School

Barnes Farm Infant School

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Week Commencing 04.05.20

Each day we will upload a Home Leanring Menu to support parent/carers during the school closure.

If your child has enjoyed an activity from a previus week and would like to do it again, please feel free to look back at our previous emnus for the links and information.

Don't forget to stay in touch by uploading your photos and leanring to Seesaw - we really enjoy seeing what you are all up to!

This week...


Monday 4th May  - May Day

May Day is a holiday that celebrates the return of Spring. It usually takes place on May 1. Many people celebrate May Day with festivals or flowers. One of the oldest May Day traditions is the maypole. A maypole is a tree trunk or pole decorated with colorful ribbons. In the United Kingdom it is a bank holiday that is celebrated on the first Monday in May.  

If you would like to learn more about May Day, please click on the link below...

Espresso - May Day


Monday 4th May - Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you!  We know that lots of our children (and grown ups!) love Star Wars.  Below are a few websites with fun activities that you may like to try (please note:  not all of these have been tried by school staff).  If you have a Star Wars dress up costume or would like to tell us an interesting fact about your favouriute Star Wars character, we would love to see this on Seesaw.


4th to 10th May - Children’s Book Week (National Share a Story month)

Children's Book Week

Children's Book Week is an annual celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary school age. A fantastic opportunity for extended teaching on any of your favourite children's books! This year, 2020, marks the 100th Anniversary of Children's Book Week. Find out more at the BookTrust Website.

If you still have your costume from World Book Day that we celebrated in March and would like to dress up again, it would be fabulous if you could send us a photo, or perhaps record a book review to upload to Seesaw.  You could also read a book in an interesting place and email us a photo to use in our school library.  

Remember - at BFIS, WE LOVE TO READ!!!


What is National Share-a-Story Month?

It is a celebration that takes place every year throughout the month of May. It has proved to be an excellent way to celebrate storytelling and how powerful it can be. Children and stories are brought together with a variety of different events that take place across the UK.


4th - 10th May - Deaf Awareness Week

1 in 6 people in the UK are affected by hearing loss, and we have lots of children that we support in school with a hearing impairment. Twinkl have a Deaf Awareness Week PowerPoint to provide interesting facts and information on Deaf Awareness Week!


4th - 10th May - Anaphylaxis Awareness Week

This week is Anaphylaxis Awareness Week.  We have lots of children in school who suffer from allergies and intolerances.  For more information, please see the webiste below.

Twinkl also have a lovely social story that you could share with your child if they have allergies.  You can find it at

How do I know if my child has a food allergy?

If you are concerned that your child may have an allergy, it is advised to see a doctor as soon as possible to investigate this. A child with a food allergy may show:
• runny nose
• itching
• nausea/vomiting
• swelling
• shortness of breath


5th - World Asthma Day 

World Asthma Day is celebrated in May each year.

During this day, people around the world take part in lots of individual events to help raise awareness of asthma as well as raise money to go towards research into the condition. The ultimate aim is to find a cure for asthma.

Please find below some webistes that you may find useful.  

You may also like to check out this video on Espresso...

David Beckham - Asthma - Although David Beckham has suffered from asthma since childhood, it has not affected his career. It is hoped this will show children with asthma that they can still go on to do great things.


4th-10th May - National Sun Awareness Week

What is National Sun Awareness Week?

National Sun Awareness Week is a campaign led by The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD). From 4th - 10th May 2020, it aims to highlight the dangers of exposure to the sun.

UV radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer, so it’s fitting BAD’s Skin Cancer Prevention Committee is overseeing the week. UV light from sunbeds is just as dangerous, and the campaign focuses a lot of attention on discouraging people from using them. Ultimately, National Sun Awareness Week offers professional guidance on how we can all enjoy the sun safely. 

5 ways you can stay safe in the sun

  • Wear protective clothing 

  • Use sun cream - the more protection the better - and apply it throughout the day

  • Limit your time in the sun between 10 am and 4 pm as these are peak hours

  • Wear sunglasses

  • Sit in the shade at regular intervals

For more information, check out


Thursday 7th May - Wesak

Wesak/Vesak (Vesakha) is an annual holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists and sometimes informally called "Buddha's Birthday". It is the most important festival for Buddhists and actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. It is based on the full moon day of the Vaisakha month of the Buddhist calendar, meaning it lands on different days depending on where you live in the world. During this festival, Buddhists pay tribute to Budhha's life and reflect on his teachings. People often prepare for the holiday by cleaning and decorating their homes. Temples are also decorated with flowers and offerings of food and flowers are made to the monks. A special ritual takes place in which people pour fragrant water over a statue of Buddha to symbolize inner purification. 

You may like to check out for fun activities to do, or find out about Wesak at